Take turns creating your paths and getting your chips to the center square. The first player with two chips stacked in a row on the Nucleus wins! It’s not that easy though as your opponent can block, deviate, hijack, or destroy your path!

“Easy to learn, but will take hours to master. Timing is absolutely critical!”

Alex A. – Owner/Creator, HOUSTON, TX

SINAPS $20.00


An active path consists of two things 1) A player's chip on a Grid Terminal and 2) a path tile(s) with it's path lines connected to it.

This is a tiled path on the GRID that doesn't connect to any of the players chips on the Grid Terminal. This can occur for two reasons 1) A path is broken by the Pathbreaker tile 2) A player moves their chip to the Nucleus, thus deactivating their path.

No player can play off of an INACTIVE PATH, only on ACTIVE PATHS which lead back to a player's chip on the Grid Termina

No, a Pathbreaker Tile REPLACES a tile on the grid, and de-constructs an opponensts path(s).

No! Players can only have a max of 4 tiles at any time, although they could definitely have less if they forget to draw a tile.

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