Hello my name is Alex A. Ayala, I am an indie board game creator as well as an indie comic creator (I also organize a convention to support indie creators). This means I do all the work associated with getting a board game created: design, art, instructions, and use most of my friends for play-testing. When you purchase a game you are supporting the small time indie guy, plugging away on his desktop and fulfilling his dreams.

I’ve had many people ask, “hey why are there two g’s in Brain Bugg?” Short answer is, it’s a mixture of there being a lack of domain names at the time, and coming up with a name that almost looks and sounds like a computer virus when you see it. Fun should be infectious, and a good game always is; so my intent is to infect people with with a new take on boardgames, whether it be strategy, RPG, or luck-of-the-draw.

In particular I can say strategy games hold a special place in my heart; while some are timeless others feel like there is an element of fun and creativity missing. I put in alot of time and passion into the games I create; I actually measured the level of interaction, creativity, and fun in a few of my play-test groups. Even when it’s not your turn, you are thinking about your next move; your prefrontal cortex should be working at all times!

Right now I only have Sinaps out in production, but I have many more games in the, just waiting to get released. Unfortunately I also work a full time job, support a family, and run a convention so my time is divided quite a bit.

I greatly appreciate you stopping by and looking at my site! Support me, and support indie by simply buying a game. If you already own one of my games, play it with your friends! If you have any questions or comments shoot me a message at Alex@BrainBugg.com, I’m always interested to know what people think.